Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Been Gone too Long

Hi all it's been along time since I have been on and life has taken me by the hand and keep me busy so with that said. I want to say hi and hope you all have been doing fine.

I have time to think about the ones that I want to work with on CT Teams and right now I am working with Sandra Adamson, Shelle Pukas, Bobbie Mckeefry, Julie Major, and the CT Member of the store for Scrappinfreestlye.

I have taken on the job to be the advertiser for Sandra Adamson aka SeaScrAps at Scrappinfreestlye. Sandra is a fun and exciting person to work with and has become a great online friend. Right now she is doing a Creative Team Call and just to let you know all her kits are mega kits. They are perfect if you are one to make albums.

You can get all the information at

Take care and will post soon.