Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Photos


This was the first time in 35 years that my father didn't have to cook a turkey. We all decided to go to my daughters house to make it easier for the babies. We did the cooking and we had a blast with just a small group there. Here are a few pictures of my Grandbabys'

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Daughters Letter to All

November 9, 2007

That is the date of today, the day I got the news. Some of you know and some of you do not know but we had McKayla evaluated for Autism. She has always reached all her milestones and some of them early but somewhere between the time of 15-18 mths she started to stop communicating back to us. We have got her hearing tested and that came back normal, so I just thought well maybe she is just going thru a "phase". Its not like she does not talk at all b/c she says words but she can not conversate with you. She can not tell you what she wants or feels. Instead she screams and throws her body on the floor or up against the wall. Sometimes it lasts for hours and sometimes just 10 min. Taking her to public places were there are crowds is IMPOSSIBLE. There are many other things but I can write a book on what we go through. So we have been waiting to hear back from the doctor that did the evaluation to talk with a specialist at Vanderbilt and to contact my pediatrition. Today she called and we now know she has Autism Spectrum Disorder. McKayla is such a WONDERFUL little girl, she is so loving... There is NO cure, or anything for sure with Autism but there is hope. They have had great outcomes with therapy's so that is were we are going to start. I am writting this email so I can inform you all and so you know if you see us and McKayla is having a melt down that NO I will not be spanking her... its not that she is being bad but she is Autistic and she is trying to express herself and just cant figure out how.... If you have any questions you can visit www.autism-society.org or www.tnautism.org .... or you can feel free to email me back .... Thank you all for taking time to read this and just know we do have lots of HOPE & TONS of FAITH that McKayla will pull through this... Thank you for all your support... Love from us all, Amy, Wes, McKayla & Emily

Thanks to Annetje77 Digital Designs for the Autism kit and SeAScrApS for the Bottle Cap Words from her Hugs & Kisses Kit.